One Place, So Many Famous Ships, Hello Harwich!

Written 08/02/2018

Another truly beautiful day here in Suffolk, I’ve been out all morning taking photos around the grounds of the house we’re staying in because everywhere is just so unbelievably wonderful to look at that I wanted to capture it all.

Some of the photos I’ve taken are going to be added in to the To Look For America Photo Movie that I was telling you all about yesterday which I’m really excited about, it is such a great project to be working on!

I love days like this, walking around outside in the crisp mid-winter morning, the frost was still on the ground, the air was a lovely combination of icy cold but completely fresh feeling and the views were just magnificent.

I’m so blessed to be in a such a beautiful area, walking around, enjoying the moment whilst working, doing the job that I love. I am so very aware of how many of you work in jobs you don’t like, stuck in offices doing the 9-5 and hey that was me once too so I am definitely not taking any of this for granted, I honestly feel like one of the luckiest girls on the planet and I am eternally grateful to the Universe for allowing me such a luxury as this, I know my situation could be very different right now.

Tonight, Richard and Eric are playing Harwich, Essex which is the place that Bartholomew Gosnold sailed from on that cold December Morn back in 1606. I’m looking forward to seeing the place for myself, especially after working on projects for To Look For America and after seeing his house yesterday!

Update now, it is considerably later than when I started writing this post, we are now at the Electric Palace Cinema in Harwich, the place that Richard and Eric are playing tonight.

The Electric Palace Cinema opened on November 29th, 1911. and is one of the oldest purpose-built cinemas to survive, complete with its silent screen, original projection room and ornamental frontage still relatively intact! Near to the stage they have an organ that used to be played as an accompaniment to Silent Films, it’s absolutely beautiful. The history of this place really envelopes you as you walk around it.

Electric-Palace-Cinema-Harwich Electric-Palace-Cinema-Harwich

As we arrived in Harwich we saw the replica of the Radio Caroline ship that they used in The Boat That Rocked, it’s moored here in Harwich and it was great to see it! Even though it was only a replica, to see something that had such a monumental impact on Radio and the entertainment industry as a whole was just great.  

I really am enjoying all the history that I am witnessing this week, whether that be 12th century churches, Flatford Mill / The Hay Wain, Bartholomew Gosnold’s house, the oldest theatre in Suffolk last night, one of the oldest surviving cinemas tonight, Radio Caroline and of course the very place that Bartholomew Gosnold sailed from on Godspeed right here in Harwich.

I believe as well that although The Pilgrims, the ones that arrived in America 13 years after Bartholomew Gosnold, sailed from Plymouth, their ship The Mayflower was launched here in Harwich!

All this history is absolutely incredible and tonight I will be doing a little bit more time travelling through history as I travel back to Richard’s childhood and that of so many of his audience too as I enjoy his performance of his famous 200 Remembers song, which is one of the songs we have uploaded to his YouTube channel with an additional 50 Remembers….

Don’t forget as well if you would like to see Richard and Eric on tour you can find a full list of their tour dates here.

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