My Poetry – A Poem About My Poetry!

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This is the first ‘official’ post of my new poetry series that doesn’t actually have a name yet. It is a series in which I will be sharing poetry from my archives that I have never shared before.

These aren’t necessarily the best poems that I have ever written but I have had a lot of fun reading through them all and reminiscing and I thought that it might be fun to share them and reminisce with you all!

The first poem that I’m going to share is simply called My Poetry.

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“My Poetry.”

I’m not insane you know
I’m not sane either though
I’m nothing and everything
My poetry a release it does bring
Yes I know I ramble a lot
Regular rhyme scheme gone to pot
My poems all involve someone dying
Or sometimes just somebody crying
It doesn’t mean that I am insane
I’m just releasing all of my pain
It’s represented within my art
How it hurt when you broke my heart
My poems now take a happier turn
From my mistakes I did learn
And now I’ve fallen all over again
No longer do I feel the pain!
My poetry will continue though
On and on it will go
Poem list grow and grow!

I wrote this poem about 7 years ago when my ex boyfriend was being a complete jerk. He said some really horrible things about me and when he realised that he wasn’t upsetting or affecting me in anyway at all he started attacking my poetry and thus this poem was born!

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