Charlotte is mentoring and assisting Lana Treat with the marketing and distribution of her debut novel ‘Memoirs of Lana Treat – Nymphomaniac’.

Memoirs of Lana Treat – Nymphomaniac, tells of how Lana abandoned her boring life in London, her even more boring job and her exceedingly boring boyfriend and moved to Paris where she became a bisexual nymphomaniac, living a life of total debaucherous liberation! Read how she enjoyed her first threes-up with fellow passengers on her flight to France, how she fell for Elodie, a beautiful dancer. Discover how she joined the art world of Pigalle and how she bedded a man older than her father!

At the end of The Second World War her grandfather helped to liberate France. On her 30th birthday France helped to liberate her too! She’s been craving to tell you how and she’s now plucked up the courage, so be prepared to be seriously turned on!

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Please note that this is also an advert, Charlotte does benefit financially from this project.