Charlotte is the Director of Photography for To Look For America, as well as managing all of the social media.

To Look For America is a folk-roots musical written by BAFTA Nominated Richard Digance and Suffolk songwriter Eric Sedge. It’s the story of the first English Settlers that arrived in Jamestown, America, in 1607 told through music and narration as a production for theatres, arts centres, schools, colleges, plus cruise ship entertainment for ships that sail from England to America.


A multi-media project it consists of live theatre, Photo Movie, DVD and CD productions, book and artworks.

It tells of the plight of Bartholomew Gosnold, founder of The Virginia Company of London, who left his Suffolk home to sail on Godspeed in search of America and its potential riches. This voyage happened many years before The Pilgrims left Plymouth. Two other ships sailed with Gosnold; The Susan Constant under Captain Christopher Newport and Discovery, captained by John Ratcliffe. They settled in Jamestown after the most hazardous of voyages and experiences and The United States was born.

The above is a preview of the official Photo Movie consisting of 1000 pictures, songs and narration. Below  is a preview of some of the fantastic songs from the To Look For America album. To puchase The Photo Movie, CD, Book pr original To Look For America art work plese click here 

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