Reunited With Some Very Special Friends!


I wanted to tell you about a really awesome thing that happened to me the other day.

It was so awesome, I was just sitting here minding my own business, writing blog posts when it happened and it’s made me so happy!

I’ve been writing books on and off for years, I have a USB stick full of unfinished manuscripts which just for the record I don’t want anyone to publish when I’m 89 and unable to tell you not to.

About 5 years ago I started writing a novel which I thought I knew fully in my head but I was unable to get it onto paper, it was almost as if my main characters weren’t ready for their story to be told.

I’ve left the story dormant on my USB for years and thought maybe I’d go back to it one day, I’d invested a lot of time into this story and I’d become pretty attached to it as well so I’ve always hated not being able to finish it.

Anyway, I was sitting at my laptop the other day writing blog posts, digging around in my brain for some post ideas to schedule for whilst my sisters are home when I started thinking about that story.

I started thinking about that story again and how I’d failed because I hadn’t finished it when all of a sudden I saw how the story ended, I saw what I’d missed and for the first time I actually saw the full story.

It was as if my main characters came up and tapped me on the shoulder and said we’re ready for our stories to be told now.

I realise that makes me sound like a complete lunatic to most people but if you’re a writer, you’ll know exactly what I mean. (I hope.)

I’ve started the story again from scratch because I missed so much of it before and I just feel like starting fresh is the way to go now.

I’m so excited though I feel like I’ve been reunited with some old friends and it just feels so good!

I’m going to try and be a lot stricter this time around and impose deadlines for myself and hopefully get all of the story out because I really want to tell this story because I think it’s a good one!

I’ve decided that I’m going to start blogging about the process too because I feel like this book is about to become a huge part of my life again and it’s going to take up a lot of my time so I should definitely combine my two loves and take you on the journey with me!

I’d just like to make it abundantly clear that I don’t currently have a publisher, I’m not building up to a book launch announcement or anything like that. I do one day hope to have my book published so one day I hope there will be a book launch announcement but as of 19th August 2015, I have no finished manuscript, no publisher and no book launch to announce.

Like I said I really want to start blogging about the process and the things that I’m doing so let me know what exactly you’d like to see me write about in relation to my writing process in the comments below, on Twitter @MissCharlotteEm or on any of my other social media sites which you can find by clicking here!

Thanks for reading

Charlotte xo