The Robin, The Biscuit and The Poet.

I am very blessed to find myself currently sitting in a very lovely part of Wiltshire looking out over miles of undisturbed countryside, from where I am sitting I can see a pheasant patrolling the parameter continuing on its quest to satiate its never ending hunger, a robin wrestling with a biscuit that is twice its size and a vole that is nestled in the gap in the wall evidently sulking because the robin got to the biscuit first.

How wonderful to have the chance to stop and just be in the moment with these wonderful creatures! Nothing but the words that I am currently writing matters right now except for whether or not the biscuit or the robin will win the fight, I have to say that is a truly wonderful feeling. Personally, for those wondering, my money is on the biscuit; but the robin really is putting up a brilliant fight.

My life isn’t all about watching wildlife though, it has all been wonderfully hectic lately what with officially launching Lilypaddle, working on new projects and to top it all off I am in the process, albeit a very slow process, of searching for a new house to buy, so I really do relish these times when I can just stop and watch the world go by for just a moment.

For those still wondering, the robin has now taken the lead, the biscuit has been broken in to two slightly smaller but still too big for the robin halves but there is now a pheasant approaching from the rear so there may be new competition for the biscuit halves. Good luck Mr Robin!

I want to start incorporating Lilypaddle and the projects we’re working on in to my blog so that I can share the spectacular journey with you all fully, I am insanely passionate about every single one of the projects that we have, and I am very much looking forward to telling you all about them.

Of course, my blog won’t be entirely devoted to promoting Lilypaddle, I will still be writing about music and sharing my poetry with you all, as well as some of the other types of posts that you all enjoy so much, including keeping you all updated with the other areas of my life, I’ll just be taking a completely different approach to it all.

I have wanted to completely change and freshen up my blog for the longest time now, but I haven’t really known how to. I have been blogging for almost 11 years and in that time my format hasn’t changed very much at all because I haven’t felt that it needed to.

When I started working on these new Lilypaddle projects last year and my life took a totally different path than expected I felt the time had come for this blog to change too. I have put so much time, thought and planning in to the changes since then because I wanted to do it right and in a way that maintained a certain amount of the And Then Charlotte Said-ness that you have all come to love and I really hope that you will all enjoy it just the same as you always have, if you don’t enjoy the new changes and the new direction then as always, thank you for your part in my journey.

The robin snapped his half of the biscuit in half again and has now flown off leaving the pheasant to eat the rest of the biscuit himself, the vole has scurried off in the opposite direction hopefully to find more food, what a pleasant end to a peaceful moment. As for me? It’s time I returned to the wonderful task of writing more poetry for my poetry book which I will be releasing later this year. Who knows, maybe there’ll be a poem about a robin and a biscuit, I guess you’ll have to read it and find out!


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