A Second Hand London Sunday

Today, as I sit here writing this I have left the beautiful countryside views far behind me instead I find myself looking out over the dreamy London skyline listening to Richard Thompson’s Acoustic Classics, one of my favourite albums of all time.

I’ve had a fantastic day today, I met up with Eliza Jane, who as I mentioned yesterday is one of the women that we have working on our Creative Catalogue at Lilypaddle.

Eliza is launching a blog next week that I personally think is going to be so interesting to follow, her blog tells her life story both past and present, oh what an interesting life she has had!

I’m very much looking forward to sharing those posts with you and introducing you all to Eliza as I continue to work with her over the coming weeks and months.

I feel incredibly blessed to be able to work with so many interesting people in so many lovely locations, although being in London is completely different to the serene countryside I have become accustomed to I really enjoyed walking around today, soaking up the atmosphere and the energy of the city.

We had a delicious lunch at Wild Food Café which is just around the corner from where Eliza lives in Covent Garden. I had the Grilled Pak Choi & Wild Mushrooms with a really tasty Vibrant Green juice and then a couple of Matcha Lattes too. It was a really great place to sit for a couple of hours and catch up on everything we have going on currently. Eliza is a ghost-writer, so I was really interested to hear all about what she is currently working on.

We then spent the rest of the afternoon walking around second-hand bookstores, record stores and general thrift stores, it was just such a great day. We encountered so many interesting people, it was just so lovely, I do so enjoy meeting new people, hearing their life stories, experiences and dreams.

Apart from all of the adventures in London today you will notice that I have updated my blog, you can now read all of the posts from the last week that due to not being still for long enough or in a place with stable Wi-Fi I haven’t been able to post until today, I do hope that you have all enjoyed reading them and hearing about all of my current adventures because this really is just the beginning of it all.

The next few weeks are going to be especially interesting, as I have a lot more travelling to do, Brighton, Lake District, Scotland, Paris, London again and Newcastle, but also a lot of family time in between and catching up with friends that I haven’t seen for the longest time which I’m really looking forward to doing!

I hope that whatever you’re doing you’re having the best of times doing it, if you aren’t I hope that things get better for you. Just remember, don’t ever give up on what you want, put in the work and you’ll get there one day.

I still pinch myself every day, I cannot believe how lucky I am to be living the life that I always dreamed I would have, it just goes to show that with hard work, determination and resilience, anything is possible.


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