Shop Small This Christmas With kheartsk!

In today’s edition of the Etsy Shop Small series I’m currently running on my blog I’m going to be telling you about a fabulous shop called kheartsk (The shop name is a hyperlink throughout this post, so if at any time you decide you absolutely must visit the shop immediately all you have to do is click on kheartsk!)

kheartsk is run by my friend Katie and is also part owned by her partner Ken as well! Katie opened kheartsk in October 2014 and since then as well as selling on Etsy she has done a number of craft shows in and around her hometown of Las Vegas!

Katie started kheartsk because she’s always loved being crafty and making things but with working so hard she didn’t have much time and she really missed it, kheartsk gives her the opportunity to do the crafty things she loves alongside her regular job which is equally as fabulous!

kheartsk sells jewellery which is entirely designed and handmade by Katie. All of the pieces are one of a kind and would definitely enhance any outfit! She’s my friend so you may say I’m biased but I really do think Katie’s jewellery is stunning, I wouldn’t tell you about it if I didn’t!

I’ve picked 5 of my favourite pieces from kheartsk to tell you about here today, there are of course many more fabulous items in store which I highly recommend you check out!

Before I tell you about my favourite items though Katie has kindly given you all a 10% discount when you use code Holiday2015 – valid until December 31st 2015.

The first item I want to show you is this Crystal Quartz Tassel Necklace on 18k Gold Plated Italian Chain! This is such a stunning yet elegantly simple necklace that would be a great addition to any outfit!


Prices for this necklace start from £25.26 – click here to view the item in store.

The next item I want to show you is this really unique carved flower and skull pendant necklace! I think the combination of flower and skull is really cool but it’s really subtle and quite dainty as well!


Prices for this necklace start from £23.70 – click here to view this item in store.

The third item I want to show you is this lovely blue crystal stack bracelet with shades of turquoise. I’m obsessed with the colours in the bracelet they’re beautiful!


Prices for this beautiful bracelet start from £20.31 – Click here to view this item in store.

I am so excited about this next piece, the detail in the Pink Agate slice is insane! This is a gold plated Pink Agate bracelet on 18k Italian gold plated chain. Seriously though, how gorgeous is the Pink Agate?!


Prices for this stunning one of a kind bracelet start from just £20.30 – click here to view this item in store.

The final item I want to show you is this gorgeous Mint Druzy Bracelet on 18k Italian Gold Plated Chain! Look at that colour! It’s just divine!


Prices for this stunning bracelet start from £20.30 – Click here to view this item in store.

There you have it! My top 5 picks from kheartsk!

All of the items in kheartsk are one of a kind pieces and once they’re gone they’re gone! They can be shipped worldwide and I really can’t get over how inexpensive they are for the quality and uniqueness of the items!

Any one of the items in kheartsk would make a beautiful gift this Christmas or indeed at any time of year!

If for any reason the hyperlinks in this post aren’t working for you then you can find kheartsk on Etsy by visiting!

If you’d like to you can follow kheartsk on Twitter @KTDoesFashion or you can follow kheartsk on Instagram, just search for @k.hearts.k

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In full disclosure the Etsy Shops featured in this Etsy Shop Small series have paid to be featured, but I did hand select every shop to make sure I was promoting something that I love but also something that I know you’ll all love too! Thanks again for reading!

Take care,

Charlotte xo