Shop Small With AlexasBoutique2013 This Christmas!

In today’s edition of the Etsy Shop Small series I’m currently running on my blog I’m going to be telling you about the fabulous AlexasBoutique2013! (The shop name is a hyperlink throughout this post, so if at any time you decide you absolutely must visit the shop immediately all you have to do is click on AlexasBoutique2013)

Alexa’s Boutique opened on Etsy in April 2015 but has been trading on Facebook since 2012 it is run by 32 year old work from home Mum of 4, Cally! The shop features a wide range of handmade clothes all made by Cally which personally I find amazing considering she’s a Mum of 4!

Cally has been dressmaking since she was 15 years old and is completely self-taught, she makes clothes for everyone from new born to adult, girls and boys but her speciality is girls’ dresses!

Cally’s shop ‘AlexasBoutique2013’ is named after her eldest Daughter Alexa! She was Cally’s inspiration for setting up the business because so many people commented on the dresses she had made for her and suggested that she should make them to sell!

Having seen all of the clothes in her shop I’m so glad that Cally decided to start making clothes to sell! She’s incredibly talented!

Cally makes all of the dresses herself and does take custom orders if you have an idea you’d like to see brought to life!

I think that all of the items in AlexasBoutique2013 would make beautiful gifts this Christmas and in fact all year round! They’re beautiful, handmade and completely unique!

Cally has kindly given you all a code to get 10% off your order if you order before 30th November, the code is CEBLOG10! Now, let’s take a look at my top picks from AlexasBoutique2013 and see if we can find you something to use your discount code on!

The first item is this beautiful Vintage style Molly Dress! It is made from Tiger Lily Yellow Rose fabric and is a really stunning shade of yellow with little roses all over. It has a pretty white cotton Broderie Anglaise collar, white laced edge binding on the sleeve hems and hem of the dress.


This dress is adorable! It reminds me of a dress that one of my favourite dolls had when I was a little girl and I think it would look beautiful on any little girl on any day whether it be a special occasion or just a regular day! Either way I think every little girl deserves a pretty dress like this!

As I said above these dresses are made to order and I think would make a perfect gift for any little girls in your life! Prices start from £30. Click here if you’d like to view this dress in AlexasBoutique2013’s Etsy store.

This next dress is this colourful Layla style dress, made from a 100% cotton designer fabric. It has a lovely deep blue background with colourful umbrellas all over it! This a cute and fun dress that is perfect all year round! I love the flared sleeves on this dress! I’m a bit gutted I’m not a little girl as I’d love to wear this dress! It’s very unique and I think that’s awesome!


Prices for these dresses start from £27, click here if you’d like to view this dress in AlexasBoutique2013’s Etsy Store.

I’m SO excited about this next dress because I’ve never seen anything like it before! It’s a dress you can colour in and then wear! How amazing is that?! It comes with a princess fairyland picture design and all your little girl has to do is colour it in and then it’s ready to wear! I think this is such a brilliant way to encourage creativity!


You can use either permanent or washable fabric pens on this dress, both of which you can add to your order if you’d like to! Prices for this dress start at £21 which is an absolute bargain when you consider how awesome this dress is! If you’d like to view this dress in AlexasBoutique2013’s Etsy Store then please click here!

The next item that I want to show you is these fantastic Flutter style Dungarees made from a beautiful Nordic Woodland Fox fabric! I love how bright and colourful they are! Once again I think they’re very unique and would really make your little girl stand out from the crowd on the playground!


These dungarees are perfect all year round, with a short sleeved T-Shirt underneath in the summer months and a long sleeved T-Shirt in the winter! Prices start from £30 and you can view the item in AlexasBoutique2013’s Etsy store by clicking here!

The final item that I want to show you is this incredibly beautiful pink floral Grace style Blouse made from Tiger Lily Pink Rose fabric. A really pretty pink background with little roses all over! I’m a huge fan of the Peter Pan collar on this blouse it gives it that extra bit of flare and style!


I think this blouse is perfect for the budding fashionista in your life, it perfectly combines coolness and style with the cuteness of kids clothing! Prices for this blouse start from £26 which is an absolute bargain! If you’d like to view this item in AlexasBoutique2013 then please click here!

There you have it! My top picks from AlexasBoutique2013! Don’t forget Cally has kindly given us a 10% discount code CEBLOG10, you can use that code to get 10% off your orders! How awesome is that!

Cally’s shipping times are 1-3 weeks for made to order items, or 2-3 days for readymade items, Recorded delivery is standard for UK orders and she offers standard or tracked options for worldwide shipping.

If for any reason the hyperlinks aren’t working and you’d like to check out the rest of the items in Cally’s store you can do so by visiting

If you’d like to keep up to date with everything that’s going on with AlexasBoutique2013 then you can like her Facebook page by clicking here, follow her on Pinterest by clicking here or check her Instagram out by searching for @AlexasBoutique!

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In full disclosure the Etsy Shops featured in this Etsy Shop Small series have paid to be featured, but I did hand select every shop to make sure I was promoting something that I love but also something that I know you’ll all love too! Thanks again for reading!

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