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In today’s edition of the Etsy Shop Small series I’m currently running on my blog I’m going to be telling you about the awesome Fairy Fountain Gift Shop (the shop name is a hyperlink throughout this post so if at any time whilst reading this post you decide you have to check out the entire store immediately then please feel free to click straight on the name of the shop to be taken right there!)

Fairy Fountain Gift Shop was founded by self-proclaimed ‘excitable’ owner Jennifer in September 2013, she started out by making jewellery for her two daughters and it just grew from there! She is entirely self-taught and has invested a lot of money and time in practising and perfecting her craft!

She sells a huge variety of handmade jewellery and gifts made by herself unless stated otherwise for children, teens and adults! Her shop is super geeky, quirky and perfect for fandoms and ah it’s all just so adorable!

I find it incredibly hard to browse Fairy Fountain Gift Shop without wanting to buy EVERYTHING!

If you didn’t know, Jennifer is also the lovely lady that designed the bracelets that I’m currently giving away as part of my Spotify giveaways! (New giveaway coming this weekend).

I think that Fairy Fountain Gift Shop sells items that are perfect for everyone, there’s so many items that would make incredible gifts this Christmas and I just can’t recommend this shop enough! Jennifer has kindly given you all 10% off your order when you use code CHARLOTTE10 at the checkout!

I’ve been looking through Fairy Fountain Gift Shop and I’ve picked out 6 of my favourite items to tell you guys about here today! It was really hard picking just 6 so I’d love it if you all went and checked the full shop out afterwards to see what else she sells! All of the pictures you see below belong to Jennifer / Fairy Fountain Gift Shop. 

The first item that I want to tell you all about is this pizza friendship necklace which can also be bought as a keyring or bracelet, it comes with its own poem and everything! It’s such a cool idea, you and all of your friends have a slice each and then when you put them all together they make one whole pizza!

FFGS Pic 1

So much better than those heart necklaces everyone had when I was a kid because here you can have as many slices of pizza as you want and everyone loves pizza! Prices for these start from £2.20 per slice and you can buy as many slices as you want! Click here to check the pizza necklaces out in store!

Fairy Fountain Gift Shop stocks several Harry Potter items, I LOVE Harry Potter, I did try not to make this list entirely Harry Potter related but I had to show you two of my most favourite items because, well, HARRY POTTER!

The first of my two favourite Harry Potter items is this super cute Golden Snitch bracelet! It’s a really fun way to subtly show that you’re a part of the fandom so you don’t have to walk around work or school with a lightning scar on your head or a death eater style Dark Mark on your arm haha.

FFGS Pic 2

These bracelets start from £4.50 and would make a really perfect gift for the Harry Potter fans in your life this Christmas! Click here to check the Golden Snitch bracelet out in store.  

I’m going to need all Harry Potter fans to sit down before I show you this next item because it’s so amazing I couldn’t even handle it, I swear if I’d been standing I would have fallen over for sure. It’s an ‘Always’ necklace and It has a doe and everything and AH IT’S JUST SO ADORABLE!

FFGS Pic 3

This necklace starts from £5 and honestly if you have a Harry Potter fan in your life you NEED to buy this necklace for them, it’s perfect. Click here to see the ‘Always’ necklace in store!

The next two items from Fairy Fountain Gift Shop are mermaid related, there’s something so elegant, mystical, beautiful and intriguing about mermaids and I think that these two items really capture the beauty of mermaids.

The first is this beautiful scale necklace which also can be bought as a ring, or earrings. It could also pass for dragon scales if that’s what you prefer but either way this necklace is just beautiful!

FFGS Pic 4

Prices for this necklace start from £4.50 and it would make a really lovely stocking filler for the mermaid / dragon lover in your life! Click here to view the scale necklace in store!

The second mermaid related item is this mermaid necklace which can be bought as a necklace or horizontal choker! The detail on this necklace is stunning!

FFGS Pic 5

The price of this necklace starts from £6 and it would be another beautiful stocking filler for the mermaid lover in your life (let’s face it, we all have at least one!) Click here to view the necklace in store!

The last item that I want to show you from Fairy Fountain Gift Shop is this fantastic Walking Dead / Daryl Dixon inspired Zombie Hunter keyring which features the quote ‘Keep Calm and Kill Zombies’ which is a quote that I like to also apply to playing Minecraft because I swear my server is just one huge zombie spawner but that is a whole different story for a different day!

FFGS Pic 6

The prices for this keyring start from £4 and it would be a perfect gift for any Walking Dead fans in your life and just like mermaid lovers we all know AT LEAST one Walking Dead fan! I know at least 5000 because that’s how many emails I’ve had to date asking me to blog about it haha. Click here to view the keyring in store!


Fairy Fountain Gift Shop ships worldwide, shipping times and costs vary depending on where in the world you are but you can find all of this information over at the Fairy Fountain Gift Shop Etsy page by clicking here!

Don’t forget to use code CHARLOTTE10 at the checkout to get 10% off your order!

If for any reason the hyperlinks in this post aren’t working for you then here is the full URL for Fairy Fountain Gift Shop’s Etsy Page:

If you’d like to you can follow Fairy Fountain Gift Shop on Twitter: @FairyFountainGS or you can like the Fairy Fountain Gift Shop Facebook page here:


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