Shop Small With The Wicked Wordsmith Co This Christmas!

In today’s edition of the Etsy Shop Small series I’m currently running on my blog I’m going to be telling you about an amazing shop called The Wicked Wordsmith Co! (The shop name is a hyperlink throughout this post, so if at any time you decide you absolutely must visit the shop immediately all you have to do is click on The Wicked Wordsmith Co!)

The Wicked Wordsmith Co is run by the lovely Lorraine White who started the shop to help distract herself from the grief she was suffering after the sudden death of her Mum.

The Wicked Wordsmith Co sells some of the most amazing metal stamped jewellery I’ve ever seen, there is SO many fantastic quotes and genuinely stunning designs with the most beautiful intricate detailing that I’ve ever seen on metal stamped jewellery.

Lorraine first started metal stamping last summer when she decided to make some tags for her dogs because she didn’t like the ones available on the high street, she soon realised that she was in love with the craft and that it was really helping with her grief and so The Wicked Wordsmith Co was born!

All of the items in The Wicked Wordsmith Co are handmade by Lorraine and she does accept completely custom orders!

I want to share with you a direct quote from an email sent to me by Lorraine when we were discussing The Wicked Wordsmith Co ‘I think my love of words is what drives me to stamp.  It’s kind of like sharing a good book.’ I don’t think anything could better sum up why Lorraine does what she does than that, as a fellow book worm I’ve got to admit I fell in love with her shop the second I saw it.

There are so many amazing pieces in The Wicked Wordsmith Co so I really struggled with this next part of the post but I’ve managed to pick my 6 favourite items which I’d like to share with you…

The first piece is the beautiful copper necklace with the quote ‘She Believed She Could, So She Did’ stamped on it. I LOVE this quote, it’s something that personally resonates with me and I think that it will resonate with anybody who just needs to be reminded that you can do pretty much anything you want to do in life as long as you believe in yourself, believing in yourself is the most important thing. (However if you’re believing that you’ll marry Ryan Gosling you may perhaps want to lower your dreams slightly, we can’t all marry him 😉 )


The prices for this inspirational necklace start from £25, you can check this item out in The Wicked Wordsmith Co by clicking here!

The next item I want to show you is this Pewter necklace stamped with a Latin quote ‘Alis Volat Propriis’ which means ‘She Flies With Her Own Wings’. I personally love this necklace because I’m a huge fan of Latin quotes, in fact I have two tattooed on me I love them that much.

This quote is another inspirational one that is perfect for the independent woman in your life who stands on her own feet and flies with her own wings! It’s also great for those that need reminding that it’s okay to do go your own way and do what you want with your life.


Prices for this beautifully powerful yet subtle necklace start from £24 and you can view it in The Wicked Wordsmith Co by clicking here!

The next item I want to show you is without a doubt my favourite item in the whole of The Wicked Wordsmith Co because it features my favourite quote from my all-time favourite book. “I Am No Bird And No Net Ensnares Me” from Charlotte Bronte’s classic Jane Eyre.

This bracelet is made from bronze and the quote is stamped in such a lovely delicate font and Ah! I just think this bracelet is stunning! This would make an excellent gift for any book lover in your life, especially one who loves the classics!


Prices for this stunning bracelet start from £28, click here if you’d like to view the item in The Wicked Wordsmith Co!

The next item that I want to show you is this adorable Bird necklace! Made from Copper with a Copper chain this necklace is a lovely stocking filler for almost anybody!

It’s dainty and elegant and so unique as well! I’m obsessed with the amount of detail that has gone into the wing of the bird, it truly is stunning.


Prices for this adorable necklace start at £28 and you can view it in The Wicked Wordsmith Co by clicking here!

I have another adorable necklace that I want to show you now, this sweet Love / Home Sweet Home necklace! I love the design on the heart shaped pendant, it reminds me of the sort of super cute drawing of a house that a child would draw. It’s unique, adorable and again his amazing detail, just look at the detail on the tree! It’s fantastic!


This is another necklace that I believe would make a lovely gift for almost anybody! It’s unique and special!

Prices for this necklace start from £24, you can view the item in The Wicked Wordsmith Co by clicking here!

The final item that I want to show you is this inspirational ‘Courage Doesn’t Always Roar’ bracelet, this is another quote that resonates with me personally, it’s such a great quote and it looks fantastic on this Copper bracelet!

I love all of the additional detail on this bracelet, on either side there is a tiny little mouse that just looks SO cute! It also features tiny swirls and flowers too! I really am obsessed with the little details, they look amazing! If you’d like to see the finer details of this bracelet make sure you check it out in The Wicked Wordsmith Co store!

il_570xN.802406708_pkss (1)

Prices for this lovely bracelet start from £28.75 please click here to view this bracelet in The Wicked Wordsmith Co!

There you have it! My 6 top picks from The Wicked Wordsmith Co!

All items in The Wicked Wordsmith Co are made to order and ship worldwide! There are so many amazing items in store so make sure you head over and check all of the rest of the items out too!

If for any reason the hyperlinks in this post aren’t working for you then you can find The Wicked Wordsmith Co on Etsy by visiting

If you’d like to you can like The Wicked Wordsmith Co on Facebook by clicking here or you can follow The Wicked Wordsmith on Instagram, just search for: @WickedWordsmithCo

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In full disclosure the Etsy Shops featured in this Etsy Shop Small series have paid to be featured, but I did hand select every shop to make sure I was promoting something that I love but also something that I know you’ll all love too! Thanks again for reading!

Take care,

Charlotte xo