Standing On The Edge Of An Amazing Adventure – Bedtime Ramblings #3


I’ve had such a good feeling today, I’ve been doing lots of blog work and planning future things and I just feel like I’m standing on the edge of an amazing adventure and things are about to get really awesome.

I’m not sure what it is but I have this complete feeling of happiness and freedom and I’m just so excited for the future!

I love September, that lazy hazy crazy summer vibe has gone and everyone is going back to school and work and it feels like it’s time to get back to work and work your butt off again!

I love September, I’ve always loved September. Whenever I went back to school I’d be like “this is my year, I’m going to smash it this year!” I have that same feeling now. I’m just ready to smash it out of the park and take my blog, my book and my life in general to the next level!

I’m so pumped for life right now!

I’m going to stop writing because it’s time for sleep not time for excitement and motivation for work.

See you tomorrow!

Goodnight, Sweet Dreams!

Charlotte xo