Swapped At Birth?

Originally Published 26th July 2015


The other day I announced that I was bringing back the Book of Questions series in which I answer questions from the 1987 and 2013 Book of Questions by Gregory Stock PH.D! If you’d like to find out more about this series or catch up on posts from the series that you’ve missed then please click here!

In this post I’m going to be answering question 6 from the 1987 Book of Questions!

The question is…

You discover your wonderful one year old child is, because of a mix up at the hospital not yours. Would you want to exchange the child to try to correct the mistake?

Wow, this is such a hard question to answer!

I think after a year of watching a tiny human grow you’d be pretty attached to said tiny human and you’d know them and they’d know you and I imagine there would be that ‘bond’ and you’d obviously love them so I think giving that tiny human up would be hard.

Like I think of my tiny nephew, he’s 1 and if my sister had to swap him for another tiny human I’d be devastated because he’s awesome and he has his own little sassy personality and he is my nephew, for a new one to just suddenly be swapped in his place I think it’d be weird and very sad.

If it was my tiny human, I’d want to find out about the life that my biological one was living, I’d want to know if they were happy and were being well looked after and had a nice life.

If the answer to all of the questions was yes then I don’t think I’d do anything, except maybe keep in touch with the parents in case one day the kids wanted to meet their biological parents.

If the answer to those questions was no then I’d try and adopt my biological one back so that I’d have the one that isn’t biologically mine and my biological one and I could look after them both and give them both a lovely life.

I hope that I’m never actually in this situation though it sounds horrific!

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