Blogmas Day 9 – Teddy Bear’s Christmas Party!


Welcome to Blogmas Day 9!

As most of you will know by now I recently had my littlest sister and Dad visiting from France for a bit of festive fun!

Whilst they were home we had a party which I told you all about in Blogmas Day 7 so please click here to read that if you haven’t already.

But we weren’t the only ones to have a party that night.. oh no! Whilst we were busy having our party the teddy bears decided to have a party too!

So for Blogmas Day 9 I thought I’d share with you a few pictures from the Teddy Bear’s Christmas Party!

This was something fun that I did with my littlest sister last year, I blogged it, my little sister loved seeing her bears on my blog so I’ve blogged it again! Christmas is a family time and that’s why there’s been a lot of family orientated posts on my blog like this one, if you don’t like it don’t leave hate just go elsewhere on the internet there’s plenty of content out there for you!

We had so much fun taking these pictures and playing Teddy Bear’s Party, like I’ve said a thousand times I don’t see my little sisters very much so time spent having fun like this is super important to me.

First we dressed the bears up in baby clothes because, why not? And then they had a party!

The final pictures were just a few joke ones that I took, there was no alcohol involved in the Teddy Bears party, I do not encourage my little sister to play with alcohol nor do I encourage teddy bears or anybody who is not of the legal drinking age to consume alcohol.

Enough of the chatter anyway, Ladies & Gentlemen, Boys & Girls I present to you.. The Teddy Bear’s Christmas Party!



image5 (1)

image6 (1)



Thanks for taking the time to read this post! Send me pictures of your Teddy Bear’s party on twitter @MissCharlotteEm or leave them in the comments below we’d love to see them!

Merry Christmas!

Charlotte xo