Thank You!


I just wanted to thank you all once again for your amazing support today and over the last 8 years!

I’m so pleased to see that you’re all so excited by my announcement!

I just wanted to clear one thing up, I mentioned in my announcement post that I was going to be scheduling posts and stuff. Not every post will be scheduled, this post isn’t scheduled for example as I’m writing this the time is 8:30pm on Monday 27th April 2015.

Not EVERY social media post will be scheduled either, I’m still going to be talking to you all on social media and stuff and I will still have an active presence it’s just that I’m going to be scheduling posts to promote my blog posts as well.

If I’m going to make this work then I have to take things a little bit more seriously but I’m 100% prepared to do that and I’m prepared to do that in a way that doesn’t compromise my integrity or the integrity of my blog, I’ve never been a sell out and I’m not about to start,

I promise you all right now that the only changes you’ll notice on my blog will be that I’m publishing regularly and promoting my posts more on social media that’s it.

If in the future I have to make any other changes I’ll definitely let you know before I do so.

But I really do want to thank you all for the final time today for your support over the last 8 years, without you guys I wouldn’t be able to do any of this and I’m so incredibly grateful.

It’s been an incredible 8 years and I can’t wait to see what the future holds! I’ll take you with me on every step of my journey.

I’m going to leave you all in peace now, I love you all millions!

Thank you so much for everything.

All my love, always.

Charlotte xo