The Beatles – Rubber Soul – Music Monday #17

Welcome to the latest edition of Music Monday, a series in which I give you an exclusive look into my ever growing record collection!

Every Monday I pick a record from my collection completely at random and then I write about it! In today’s post the album I’m going to be talking about is Rubber Soul by The Beatles!


I bought this album from HMV 2 years ago, it was about £20. I bought it to replace a first edition that was stolen from my collection. I chose to buy from HMV because it was cheaper than buying another mint condition first edition which is what I had.

Rubber Soul is the sixth studio album from Liverpool Rock n Rollers The Beatles.

It is alleged that the album’s name originated from the term ‘plastic soul’ which was a term that a lot of Soul singers used to describe people like Mick Jagger at the time.

Before I talk about the album let me tell you who The Beatles are just in case there is anybody out there who hasn’t heard of them…

The Beatles were a Rock n Roll band from Liverpool, England, they formed in 1960 and they are widely regarded as the best and most influential band of that time, there are some that would argue that they still are the best and most influential band to date, that’s not my opinion, but I’ll give them the 60s.

The Beatles consisted of John Lennon, George Harrison, Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr. I won’t go into detail about each member because I have their solo albums in my collection and so I’ll give you full bios as and when I talk about those albums, but it’s fair to say that each member brought something special and unique to the band that I believe contributed to the massive success The Beatles had and indeed still have.

Rubber Soul was released in 1965, produced by George Martin and pushed out by the band over a 4 week period so it could be released in time for the Christmas sales. The Beatles were a cash cow so from a sales perspective that is a fantastic idea and it obviously worked for them because the album is certified as Platinum in the UK and 6 x Platinum in the US, I didn’t even know 6 x Platinum was a thing!

This is one of my favourite Beatles albums, it’s a really fun album to listen to and it never fails to put a smile on my face. The album incorporates a lot of different genres of music from R&B and Soul to Pop, Folk Rock and Psychedelic and it just has the authentic Beatles sound which is instantly recognisable.

Let’s take a look at the track list:

Side One:

  • Drive My Car
  • Norwegian Wood
  • You Won’t See Me
  • Nowhere Man
  • Think For Yourself
  • The Word
  • Michelle

Side Two:

  • What Goes On
  • Girl
  • I’m Looking Through You
  • In My Life
  • Wait
  • If I Needed Someone
  • Run For Your Life


My favourite track is: In My Life – It’s just a really beautiful song.

My least favourite track is: Drive My Car – I just find the lyrics to this song to be overly commercial and pretentious.

I hope that you have enjoyed this edition of Music Monday all about Rubber Soul by The Beatles, if you’d like to read other editions from this series then please click here to be redirected to the Music Monday section of my blog where you’ll find all of the Music Monday posts I’ve ever written!

Take care,

Charlotte xo