The Eagles – On The Border – Music Monday #8


Welcome back to Music Monday! I’ve got another fantastic album to tell you all about today!

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The code I picked this week was E1.


So that means that the album I’m going to be talking about today is On The Border by The Eagles! I love this album, admittedly it’s not my favourite Eagles album but it’s still fantastic and full of great songs to sing along too!



The Eagles are an American Rock Country crossover band formed in Los Angeles in 1971 by Glen Frey, Don Henley, Bernie Leadon and Randy Meisner. They’d later be joined by Don Felder, Timothy B Schmit & Joe Walsh.

Don Felder joined in 1974 and separated from the band in 2001. There’s a fair bit of mystery surrounding Don Felder leaving the Eagles but if you want to hear his version of events then I recommend reading his book “Heaven and Hell – My Life In The Eagles.” I don’t really want to get into it here because there’s so much ground to cover it’d take an entire post but I will write a separate post on it over the next week or so.

Timothy B Schmit joined The Eagles in 1978 and he’s still with the band now. If you haven’t heard Timothy sing I highly recommend looking him up on YouTube, he has the voice of an angel!

The legendary Joe Walsh joined the band in 1975 and he’s still touring with them now and I thank the gods of music for that every day because I got to see him live with The Eagles in Liverpool last June, he sang Life’s Been Good, it was glorious, he’s amazing!

The Eagles are one of the bestselling bands of all time, they’ve sold over 150 million albums worldwide and that number is still rising! They’ve had a chequered past but you can’t deny their talent.

I think the song that everybody will know by The Eagles is ‘Hotel California’ I feel like that’s one song everybody knows whether they know they know it or not.

There’s so much that I want to tell you about The Eagles but there just isn’t time in the post. I think I’ll make another post talking more about The Eagles when that’s up I’ll put a link to it at the bottom of this post so keep checking back if you’re interested!

The album that I’m going to be telling you about today is On The Border, this was released in 1974 and it’s the third studio album by The Eagles and the first album Don Felder was on.

Let’s take a look at the track list!

Side 1:

  • Already Gone
  • You Never Cry Like A Lover
  • Midnight Flyer
  • My Man
  • On The Border

Side Two:

  • James Dean
  • Ol’ 55
  • Is It True
  • Good Day In Hell
  • The Best Of My Love


Two songs that are worth noting on this album are My Man which is a song Bernie Leadon wrote about Gram Parsons and the title track On The Border which is about the Watergate Scandal.

My favourite tracks are Good Day In Hell, The Best Of My Love, My Man and Ol’ 55. If you’ve been following the Music Monday series you’ll know by now that I love songs I can sing along too and that’s exactly what these songs are!

It’s not my favourite album by The Eagles but I do highly recommend that everybody checks this album out. They’re a legendary band and this is an important album in the bands history for many reasons. Most notably because it’s when Don Felder joined the band also when they first started working with producer Bill Szymczyk.

I really do feel like I could fill another post talking all about The Eagles so that’s what I’ll do, keep your eye out for it!

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