The Kids Takeover My Blog! – Blogmas Day 6!


Welcome To Blogmas Day 6!

Christmas is a time for family and today I roped some of my younger family members into helping me with this blog post!

Christmas through a child’s eyes is frankly the best thing ever. It’s all so magical for them and I just love it! So I asked my two younger sisters and my two tiny nephews what their 5 most favourite things about Christmas were! Here’s what they said..

We’ll start with Lily, she’s the eldest of my youngest sisters she’s 13 and her 5 most favourite things about Christmas are..

  1. Christmas Presents

  2. Christmas Dinner

  3. The Christmas Tree

  4. Christmas Music

  5. The fact that Toulouse put their Christmas lights up in October! If you didn’t know, Lily lives in France and the town she lives in apparently put their Christmas lights up in October! It’s a bit keen but I think that’s awesome!

Next up we have my littlest sister Sabrina who’s just gone home after an awesome time in England! She’s 10 and her top 5 favourite things about Christmas are..

  1. The Christmas Tree

  2. Christmas Presents

  3. Christmas Food

  4. Christmas Decorations

  5. Waking up early on Christmas Day.. I’ve got to be honest it’s the only morning I don’t mind waking up early too!

Next up is my Nephew Logan who if you’ll remember from a previous Blogmas post I took to see Santa recently! He’s 4 and these are his 5 favourite things about Christmas..

  1. Decorating the tree

  2. Making decorations

  3. All the fairy lights outside

  4. Seeing Father Christmas (Does this make me the coolest Auntie ever then yeah?)

  5. Singing Songs!

Now I did try and ask my tiny nephew Dexter what his 5 favourite things about Christmas are, at first he was too busy to comment as he’s currently very busy learning to crawl and then he asked me to ask him next year because he’s only 8 months old and hasn’t actually had a Christmas yet.. Silly Auntie Lottie!

I just thought this was a fun little christmassy post, a great way to get my awesome family involved in my blog and to also share a little insight into Christmas through a childs eyes! (+ a teenagers eyes too!)

Since we’re listing things here’s my 5 favourite things about Christmas..

  1. Giving people presents

  2. Christmas Food

  3. Christmas Music

  4. Going to see Santa

  5. Everywhere being all Christmassy and lovely!

What are your 5 favourite things about Christmas? Comment down below or tweet them to me @MissCharlotteEm!

Thanks for reading! xo