The Last Panthers Premiere!


Today I wanted to talk about about The Last Panthers premiere which took place on Thursday 22nd October at BAFTA in London.

The Last Panthers is a brand new 6 part European Crime Thriller starring Samantha Morton and John Hurt which is airing on Sky Atlantic on 12th November!

Sky Atlantic very kindly invited me to the premiere but I was unable to attend so I sent the lovely Andro to represent me instead!

Andro had an amazing time and I’m so grateful to Sky Atlantic (especially Matt) for inviting me, allowing me to send Andro instead and for looking after him so well and for just generally being awesome!

The first episode of The Last Panthers which was shown at the Premiere is incredible according to Andro, the actors are all fantastic and every single performance was outstanding!

I know that when Andro was telling me about the screening I was so gutted I couldn’t go because it sounded brilliant!

I’m scared to talk about the screening too much because I don’t want to give any spoilers and ruin it so I’ll just leave the trailer here for you all to enjoy!


Personally, having watched the trailer a few times now and heard all about the screening from Andro I can’t WAIT to watch this series!

If you enjoyed the trailer then you can catch the full series on Sky Atlantic starting from 12th November 2015!

Thanks again to Sky Atlantic for inviting me to the premiere and for looking after Andro so well, I really appreciate it!

If you’d like to find out more about Andro then I’ll be putting a post up all about him later on this week so make sure you keep your eyes peeled for that! Once the post is live you’ll be able to click here to read it!

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