The X Factor – Week 1 – Saturday & Sunday Review!


As I mentioned in my post just before this I’m going to be starting a series called TV Tuesdays in which I talk about TV on a Tuesday… a LOT of thought went into that name…

I’ve had over 10,000 requests for me to write about this years’ X Factor which is a bit crazy really…

I’ve not watched the X Factor for a few years but apparently this year is going to be different so I thought that I’d give it a go since so many of you have asked.

If the X Factor proves to be the same old rubbish then I’ll stop watching but I’m going to give it a go.

If you’re not a fan of the X Factor fear not! I’ll be writing about Doctor Who when that comes back later this month and I’ll probably write about other TV too! But if none of this appeals to you then I’m sure you can find something somewhere on my blog that you’ll enjoy reading!

For now though let’s talk about the first week of the X Factor, I’m combining Saturday & Sunday into one post because one post a week is enough haha.

The set up seemed the same as it has been for a while now, people audition in front of a live audience and judges…

I like the judges though, Simon Cowell, Cheryl Fernandez Versini, Rita Ora and Nick Grimshaw, they seemed to work really well together and none of them were particularly annoying.

There seemed to be a lot more talent and a lot less joke acts too which along with the changes in the judges’ line up is so far the only changes I’ve noticed.

Let’s take a look at some of the people who auditioned on Saturday…

I’m not going to talk about everyone who auditioned because we’ll be here all day but as I was watching the show I was taking notes for this post and divided people up into the following categories, Good Act Through, Bad Act Through and Rejected. So I’ll just pick a few from each of my categories and talk about them….

Bad Act Through.

The first person they showed and also the first person we saw them put through was a woman called “Techno Susan” she couldn’t sing but she was hilarious to watch and that’s apparently why they put her through so we can all see her again… I don’t understand why her family and friends let her audition I got second hand embarrassment for her just watching her… Imagine allowing someone you know to put themselves through that?! She’s not my family and in fact I don’t even know her so I have no issues whatsoever with putting the audition right here for you to watch… Fair play to Susan though that takes a lot of guts and she looked like she had a blast!

Tom Davies said that he was the male version of Cheryl and he was, her singing is questionable as well! I honestly don’t understand why he was put through, he was truly awful. What did you think of his performance?


Good Act Through.

Jennifer Phillips was definitely my favourite audition of the night, she was originally going to sing Beyoncé – Halo but the judges picked another song from her list and she ended up doing Mary Mary – Shackles and oh my god she was just amazing! Don’t believe me? See for yourself!

I also wanted to talk about 4th Power, they flew all the way over from the Philippines to audition and ah they were just so cute! Well they were cute until they started singing Jessie J – Bang Bang and then these absolute divas just appeared on stage and completely took the roof off Wembley Arena! They weren’t my favourite audition but they were incredible, I can’t wait to see more from them!

The last one I wanted to talk about was Lauren Murray who sang Somebody Else’s Guy – Jocelyn Brown. She started wrong and I expected her to be a bit a rubbish but then she restarted the song and OH MY GOD I just loved Lauren’s voice so much it was just so unexpected, she was awesome!



Man + Woman were hilarious, such an inventive name too. They slaughtered Michael Jackson’s You Are Not Alone and I was relieved that they weren’t put through like Techno Susan was so that we could see them again… I must say though she had some awesome dance moves, I’ll be borrowing some of them next time I go out…


Those are my thoughts on just a few of the acts from Saturday Night’s X Factor… Now let’s take a look at some of the acts from Sunday Night’s show!

Bad Act Through.

I didn’t personally think that any bad acts were put through in this episode, I could be wrong though, what did you think?

Good Act Through.

The First Kings had probably one of the best X Factor auditions in terms of how prepared they were for it! They had their own little intro VT at the beginning and everything. I didn’t think their vocals were outstanding but they were good and I’m definitely excited to see what they do next!

Sean Miley Moore was my favourite audition from Sunday night! He was so cute, I just wanted to squish him! His voice was incredible and so was his fashion sense! He just got EVERYTHING right! I loved his audition, I love him and I can’t wait to see what he does next! I also need to know where he got his skirt from immediately!


So the lads that made up the band New Wave were all aged between 19 – 23 but I honestly thought they were late 30s / 40s the whole act just reminded me of lads having a midlife crisis and refusing to let go of the 90s! The outfits, the dancing and of course the song choice… I mean they sang ‘N Sync – Bye Bye Bye. (Yes I know that song was released in 2000 but it was released on January 11th 2000 so that still counts as the 90s haha…)

I had to include them on my list though because I just want everybody to see their audition.

Impulse’s audition made me laugh so much because they came over from The Netherlands to audition, when asked why they said ‘Go big or go home’ and then they got sent home. It was beautiful really…

Seriously though, why did their friends and family let them put themselves through that?! They clearly couldn’t sing… it’s just cruel.

There you go then there’s my thoughts on a few of the acts from both Saturday and Sunday’s X Factor Week 1 Auditions!

All of the videos featured in this blog post came from the X Factor UK YouTube Channel, you can find more X Factor UK auditions by heading on over to!

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