There’s A Beehive In My Brain… – Bed Time Ramblings #1


Tonight I wanted to do something a little different, it’s 11:23pm and I’m getting ready to go to bed.

Normally before bed I sit and write for a little bit in my diary or in a word document if I haven’t got my diary to hand.

I write down all of the thoughts and feelings that are racing through my mind and it just helps me to relax a little more before bed.

One of the problems I have that I feel comes with being a writer is that I’m constantly ‘on’ I’m always thinking of new post ideas, or things to add to my novel, new book ideas, poetry, short stories and everything in between.

So I have all of the creativity buzzing around in my brain, then I have things like my to do list, things I need to do, upcoming events, things I’ve forgotten to do all buzzing around in there as well.

And on top of all that I have all the feelings and emotions from the day and from life in general just buzzing around with the rest of the stuff.

Basically, I have a beehive of thoughts, feelings and emotions in my head.

Writing it all down before bed really helps me to relax and just get it all out of my system ready for a nice peaceful sleep…

I’ve decided that I’m going to give in to peer pressure slightly and bring back some of the more personal posts that a lot of you frequently request, but I’m not going to do it like I used to, instead for the next month I’m going to blog every night before bed, whatever thoughts, feelings, and emotions I have will be laid out for you all to read.

I’m going to do it for the next month and if it goes well and proves to be a hit then it’s something I’ll definitely continue to do it. I’m going to try and upload nightly but I have a few nights out coming up over the next month and generally nights out are the only nights when I don’t sit down before bed to write…   

I was planning on writing what was going through my head after this post but I actually think by writing this post I’ve cleared my mind a bit and I’m ready to just go to bed now.

I love you all so much.

Good Night!

Charlotte xo