Time To Polish My Wellies…

Written 16/02/2018

Another splendid day, there was a Lilypaddle breakfast meeting this morning during which we discussed all the amazing things that are to come over the next few months for Lilypaddle and for each individual creator as well, I am so ecstatically happy about it all, I look forward to sharing these projects with you in due course.

Last night’s show was absolutely fantastic, that was the last time I will see the show for a little while because I have such a hectic work schedule with all of the Lilypaddle projects plus a lot of travelling and adventures of my own to have, of course I’ll be taking you all on the journey with me but it does mean that I won’t be seeing Richard and Eric for a little while which is quite sad really.

This afternoon in between working I have been checking out the festival line ups for this year because I feel that I have fallen so completely out of touch with them all so far this year which is very unlike me as long-term readers will know, normally by now I have combusted with excitement over at least one line up although usually more.

Download Festival definitely made me squeal A LOT, the last couple of years the line up has been a bit sub-standard for Download in my opinion, but this year they have completely smashed it, what a stunning line up. I am going to need a time machine, or a time turner, in order to be at all of the stages, all of the time. I’m even looking forward to seeing Guns ‘n’ Roses, mostly because there is no way it can be any worse than the last time I saw them, so it’ll always be a better, more positive experience, unless they just don’t show up completely of course.

The Reading Festival line up had me looking for a time machine for a whole different reason, did I accidentally fall in to one that took me back to 2007? Those headliners… Fall Out Boy, Panic At The Disco, Kings Of Leon, what is that all about and more importantly where did I put my Vans, tease comb and floppy fringe?! Somebody alert Pon & Zi, that is vintage And Then Charlotte Said fangirl material and I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t squealing a little inside!

Pon & Zi

For context, for any new readers or the uninitiated, back in 2007 when this blog was launched, I was mildly, okay completely, obsessed with Fall Out Boy, Panic At The Disco and Kings of Leon so it is a bit of a mind trip to see them all headlining the same festival 11 years on, it looks like it is going to be a really fun weekend though and as with Download Festival as well I’m really looking forward to it, I do love a bit of Nostalgia!

Speaking of Nostalgia, here is a mini-documentary that we recently uploaded to Richard’s YouTube Channel all about Nostalgia, it is written by Richard and narrated by his lovely daughter Rosie!

Richard and Eric are currently on a full UK tour for a full list of their tour dates please click here.

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