Tubeway Army – Replicas – Music Monday #15

Originally Published 27th July 2015


Welcome to the 15th post in my Music Monday series! If you’re not sure what Music Monday is then please feel free to click here to read the post that explains what Music Monday is all about!

Today the ticket that I picked at random is T2 and this corresponds to Tubeway Army and their album Replicas!

I’d forgotten I had this album in my collection so I had so much fun listening to it again!


Before we get into the post, this album is available on Spotify so I’ll put a Spotify player right here with it in so that you can listen along as you read the rest of this post if you’d like to!

If you don’t know who Tubeway Army are they were a Punk Rock / New Wave band from London led by singer Gary Numan. I believe that it was shortly after the release of the album Replicas that Gary Numan decided to drop the name Tubeway Army and just pursue a solo career as Gary Numan but keeping all of the members of the Tubeway Army band. Talk about Lead Singer Syndrome!

Under the name Tubeway Army the band released two albums their debut album the self-titled Tubeway Army and this album Replicas!

Apparently this album was written based on a book that Gary Numan hoped to release one day. The only Gary Numan book I can find online is his autobiography ‘Praying To The Aliens’ which was released in 1998. I’ve not read it so I’m not entirely sure if this was the book he based the album on or not but I doubt it, who writes an album based on their autobiography before they’ve even really begun to live life? Unless you had Professor Trelawney as a friend and you were basing your autobiography and consequently the album as well on your prophecy I guess… His autobiography is called Praying To The Aliens and that’s also the name of one of the tracks on Replicas so who knows?!

This is one of those weirdly awesome albums that I think everyone needs to hear at least once in their lives. I joked about this album being based on a prophecy but actually some of the songs are strangely prophetic way. Fans 

Let’s take a look at the track list!

Side 1:

  • Me! I Disconnect From You
  • Are ‘Friends’ Electric
  • The Machman
  • Praying To The Aliens
  • Down In The Park

Side 2:

  • You Are In My Vision
  • Replicas
  • It Must Have Been Years
  • When The Machines Rock
  • I Nearly Married A Human



My favourite songs from this album are Me! I Disconnect From You, Are Friends Electric and Replicas!

I really do think that this is one of those albums that everyone needs to hear at least once in their lives though!

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