We Need To Talk…

Hey guys!

I really need to talk to you about some changes that I’m going to be making to my blog and some changes that are going on in my life too.

Let’s start with my life and then I’ll discuss the blog because really what’s happening in my life is influencing what is going to be happening on my blog, it’s confusing to explain so let’s just jump straight in.

Jim is no longer in my life and that really sucks and I’m hurting a lot, I don’t normally like to blog about things like this because it really sucks but you guys don’t miss a trick and I haven’t mentioned him for a while and I just need to tell you all that he isn’t in my life anymore so you’ll stop questioning it because, I just can’t.

Jim has been in my life for over 4 years now and he’s been a massive part of it and I love him more than words will ever be able to truly express but people drift apart and sometimes no matter how much you want something to work it just doesn’t and you have to go your separate ways and it hurts like hell especially when it’s been so long and it really isn’t how you thought things would end up.

He’s been my best friend and just this massive part of my life, he’s been there through some of the best times in my life and also some of the hardest times and I’ll always be grateful to him for that. He’s a truly amazing guy and I wish him nothing but the best in life.

Now listen guys, I don’t want your sympathy, I don’t want your sorrow and I really don’t want you to ask any questions, I’ve literally only told you all of that because I don’t want to keep being asked about why I’ve not mentioned him for ages.

I’m going through a lot of other changes in my life at the moment too and I just feel like now is a really good time to start a new chapter and freshen things up around here and move on with everything.

With that being said I’d like to tell you all about the changes I’m going to be making to my blog.

The first and biggest change is that I’m going to be cutting down to posting five days a week instead of seven. I have two reasons for this:

  1. I feel like I’ve been putting out substandard posts to try and fill all seven days and so I’m going back to ‘quality over quantity.’
  2. I’d like to be able to actually spend some time with my friends and family instead of working all day every day to keep everything up to date on my blog and social media sites.

I really want to make sure that every post that I post is of the best quality that I can produce and I don’t feel like that is the case with some of the posts I’ve been posting lately.

I’ll be posting Monday – Friday and having weekends off, I’ll still be scheduling social media posts to promote my blog posts and these will run over the weekends as well but there will be no actual blog posts over the weekends.

The second change is in the type of posts that I’ll be posting, first I’ll tell you about the things that won’t be changing and then I’ll tell you about the things that are.

Music Monday will be staying as that is something I really enjoy writing and it also seems to be something you all enjoy reading, we’ve not even scratched the surface of my record collection yet so there’s no way I could drop this.

I’ll also be keeping the Book of Questions series because although that’s getting mixed reviews I actually really enjoy doing those posts because I love how much the questions make me think about myself and my life.

That’s it, that’s all I’m keeping. Everything else is being changed and or removed, let me explain…

I know that I’ve only just started my TV Tuesday series but I really don’t want to blog about TV, for me that’s the equivalent of watching paint dry and frankly I felt like I’d sold my soul to Satan when I started blogging about the X Factor but it was something you guys wanted me to try and I did and I didn’t enjoy it so I’m stopping it. Sorry if anybody is disappointed by this but check Google, there’s loads of blogs out there dedicated entirely to television programmes.

I also won’t be continuing with my Above & Beyond Group Therapy posts. I love these podcasts and I love Above & Beyond but ABGT150 is this Saturday and that’s what I’ve been counting down to and now that it’s here I was faced with the decision of carrying on and counting down to ABGT200 or stopping. I’ve chosen to stop because I just feel like this series has run its course. I still love Above & Beyond and I’m insanely proud of them and everything they’ve achieved, I’ll still be listening to the podcast weekly I’m just not writing about them anymore. I’ll more than likely still be talking about them on my social media though if you’re really interested in hearing my favourite songs.

My Weekly Round Up posts will also be stopping because let’s face it, if you read my blog all week you don’t then need a post on a Sunday telling you about all of the things you’ve read on my blog this week and if you don’t read my blog every day then this would be a brilliant time to start…

I’m also ending my Throwback Thursday series, I don’t want to throwback anymore it’s all about moving forward and just focusing on the future.

I’m also stopping the bedtime rambling series because I don’t enjoy being on my computer working right before bed, it takes me forever to switch off and actually fall asleep then and it also takes away from the time that I usually put aside to sit and fill my personal diary in and I like to fill my diary in daily because it just helps to clear my head.

So, starting from Monday 28th September 2015 this is what the new posting schedule looks like:

Monday – Music Monday + Book of Questions 1987 + 2013

Tuesday – A new type of post that I’ll be announcing next week + Book of Questions 1987 + 2013

Wednesday – This is the day I’ve set aside to talk about Musicians, DJs, Photographers, Bands, Singers and anyone else that I happen to find interesting. + Book of Questions 1987 + 2013

Thursday – A new type of post that I’ll be announcing next week + Book of Questions 1987 + 2013

Friday – This post will be a more personal post about my life and if I have nothing personal to share then it’ll be a general ramblings post or some kind of update on my book or other projects that I may or may not be working on, this will also be the day that I’ll share any new poems if I have any.

Saturday – No Post.

Sunday – No Post.

I’m really excited about this new schedule, I’m ready for a change and I’m ready to start moving forward.

I really hope that I’ve done enough to explain to you all why I’ve made the changes I have and I hope that you’ll all understand, typically the internet hates change so I’m a bit nervous to be making so many drastic changes in one go but I just think it’s time.

I feel like I should also acknowledge the new colour scheme of my blog and the fact that it now resembles Rhubarb and Custard instead of the usual dark purple colour, I just felt like everything needed brightening up a bit!

I think that’s all I have to say…

This post is over 1300 words long, I apologise for the length of it but there is just so much that I wanted to say.

I’m really excited to see what this next chapter of my life holds and I’m so glad that you’re all still coming with me!

I’m getting close to 1400 words so I can’t really gush about how amazing you all are but I want you to know that I’m really grateful for all of the love and support and just for the fact you guys come back and read my blog day after day, you’re all wonderful people.

On that note I’ll end this post here and I’ll see you all on Monday!

Take care, stay safe and have a great weekend!

Charlotte xo