Where I Get My Records From + How To Start Your Own Collection!

Today I just wanted to have a little ramble and address a question that I’ve been asked a lot in light of my new Music Monday series. If you don’t know what Music Monday is then please click here to learn more!

The question that I get asked a lot is where I get my records from, now this is something that I mentioned in the introduction post but I’ll gladly talk about it again!

My record collection started with records that belonged to my Mum, my Mum had a large influence on my music taste so I actually loved every single one of the albums she had, I was then given my Dad’s old records too and again he’s had a massive influence on the music I love so I was glad so to get his records too!

I then began to add to my collection by buying records from charity shops, record stores that sell second hand records (I got the entire AC/DC back catalogue from one of those shops as well as a limited edition Aerosmith picture disk single of Love In An Elevator!) I also buy records from HMV, Amazon or direct from merch stores for example I got Above & Beyond’s acoustic album from the Anjunabeats store and when it’s back in stock I’ll be buying AC/DC’s new album Rock or Bust on Vinyl from my local HMV.

I also use the internet to get albums if I’m looking for something specific that I’ve not been able to find in shops… MusicStack.com is my favourite site, they’ve yet to let me down! It can get a bit pricey depending where in the world the albums are coming from but when I want a specific album and I’ve searched everywhere for it and it’s there in front of me all ready to be bought all sense seems to leave me.. “I completely blacked out officer I can’t remember a thing!”

I’ve also generously been given a ton of records from both sets of my Grandparents which I love partly because my Grandparents listen to amazing music and partly because I’m incredibly sentimental… I’ve held onto a record case my Grandad gave me purely because of the story attached to it. Yes I’m THAT girl. (I also still have a beer can ring that Jim gave me once as a joke present and an empty box of Bertie Bott’s Every Flavour Beans but that’s a story for another day..)

I’ve also generously been given albums belonging to family friends as well who’ve just had them sitting in garages and lofts. Most of my Ella Fitzgerald, Michael Jackson & Louis Armstrong albums came from a family friend and honestly when I opened the bag to go through the records she’d given me I felt like I’d been given a bag of pure gold, it was just full of absolute musical treasure!

I’ve never once gotten rid of an album anybody has given me and I never would, I love them all the weird and the wonderful, if I get somebody I’ve not heard of before then it becomes a chance for me to explore music more!

If you’re thinking of starting a record collection then here’s some tips, start by asking your parents, guardians or family members if they have any of their old albums you can have.

Check out your local charity stores or thrift stores, you can find some real gems in charity shops, my entire Frank Sinatra collection came from Age UK!

Albums can be so ridiculously cheap in charity shops, I’ve bought albums that sell for hundreds on the internet for £1 in charity shops before now. I always give more money than they ask for in situations like that when I know how much they sell for on the internet because it feels like I’m robbing them if I don’t; but the decision to give more is entirely up to you, if you can’t afford to then you don’t have to, it’s just something I personally like to do.

Check out your local record stores too, just search on Google to find the ones nearest to you. Make friends with the people that work there and if you’re nice they’ll put albums by people they know you’re looking for aside for you when they come into the shop.

Whenever you’re buying records from record stores or indeed charity stores always a) check that it’s the right album inside the sleeve and b) check that the disk isn’t scratched beyond use.

When you buy a record off the internet examine it before playing it, is it the right album and is it scratched to the point you can’t play it? If it is make sure you tell the shop you ordered it from the day you got the package. Although I’ve got to be honest, I’ve never had any problems when ordering offline, but I am still very cautious.

So there you go, that’s just a bit more of an insight into my record collection and a few tips on how to start your own collection off! If you’ve got any more questions feel free to ask me in the comments below, on Twitter @MissCharlotteEm or drop me an email Charlotte-Emily.hereforyou@Outlook.com

Thanks for reading!

Charlotte xo