Word Vomit – Health & Fitness

For this weeks ‘Health & Fitness Friday’ I had planned to talk a little more in depth about my weight.

If you haven’t seen my introduction to ‘Health & Fitness Fridays’ then please click here to read it, this post will make a lot more sense after you do.

I mentioned in my introduction that I’m underweight and need to gain weight or risk serious health problems, I also mentioned that I have a workout plan that I’ve been given by my physiotherapist to help me strengthen my pathetically weak muscles. The two combat each other and I’m fighting a bit of a losing battle…

I had planned for this post to show you some pictures of how thin I’ve always been and talk more about that including my battles with eating as well but I’ve not yet been able to find the pictures I want to use so I’ll put that post up next week when hopefully I have the pictures I’m looking for!

Today I just thought I’d ramble instead, I’m still open to ideas and suggestions from you guys as to the sort of posts you’d like to see me do relating to health and fitness.

I’m primarily doing this series to motivate myself, if I write about what I have and haven’t done and put it out here on the internet then I have to stick to it because I don’t like to be seen as a failure!

I think it’s going to be quite fun though, I got a lot of emails after the introduction post from people who seemed pretty excited about the series which made me so happy I can’t even tell you!

It’s always a big risk when you start a new type of blog series, especially something so different to what you normally blog about. I think it’s worse though when you’re starting it for primarily selfish reasons which I am, my reason for starting was to motivate myself. So having people be excited for my new series made me so happy!

Don’t get me wrong, I got a fair bit of shit for it too but I expected that. It’s different and change sucks, I get that.

This is a bit of a rambled post that I guess doesn’t have too much of a point.

I’ll kick the series off properly next week once I’ve found those photos that I need to put in my post.

In the meantime please let me know if there’s any particular posts you’d like to see, you can do that in the comments below, on twitter @MissCharlotteEm or by emailing Charlotte-Emily.hereforyou@outlook.com!

If you’re some kind of fitness pro who’d like to be considered for a guest post please email Charlotte-Emily.Business@Live.com

Thank you so much for reading, I’m sorry this wasn’t an interesting post!

I love you all millions, thanks for sticking with me!

Charlotte xo